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Best Dick Sucker

This right here is for all the lovers
If that's your man don't let him suffer
Do it and don't hide under the covers
Show that ninja you the best dick sucker

Let me taste that dick on my breath
Let me smell that dick on my breath
After I sucked it and did it best, it gave me bad breath
I need some Winterfresh

Cause I'm the best best best best best dick sucker
Best best best best best dick sucker
Best best best best best dick sucker
Best best best best best dick sucker

[Verse 1]
Got to pay me like a bookings
Fuck it lets do it behind the bushes
Told him lets kick it no arsenal
So I can give him more rides than carnivals

With all respect I mean no respect
I fuck like I'm fucking for a check
Never let the dick in neglect
Pussy can't be still it caught tourettes

Kissing his dick in slow motion, using his nut as face lotion
Fuck a Skype come over give me the pipe
Cum in my mouth morning, noon and night to keep my teeth white

Cat dripping everywhere come get the floor mopped up
I done drank so much nut I think my throat stopped up
Real dirty on the dick I ain't talking bout filth
Got cum up on my lip looking like I got milk
Give me dead presidents and I give you a good show
So I'm not Marilyn Monroe, I'm Marilyn Monhoe
Clog of spit, on the dick

Now come dog this pussy out and eat these Kibbles n' Bits

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 2]
Practice sucking dick with a tampon fucking a amazon
Just to shop on Amazon for some Revlon
Wait let's finish it I like to cut straight into this
I play with my pussy it make noise that's a instrument
When I gag I need a rag right by me
Don't put your hands in my weave nigga you ain't go to guide me

I'm a handle my business that way I say I never should of
Pussy smell so good it's snatching him out a booger
And If the dick taste sour tell him hop in the shower
Before I wet that dick up like I'm watering May flowers

Cock so good I might just cry
Suck it from the back when I'm feeling shy
My Taco Bell stay moist it's never dry
Suck the dick real slow no SSI

Make it where I can't stand up or take a walk
Sperm all over the sheets tell the maid it's my fault
Got him trying to throw the rice and show me off
Cause I dipped that nigga dick in some soy sauce