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I'll fuck around and throw hail it's not a empty clip I got shells
Won't be a epic fail sick of motherfuckers give me ginger ale
Shorty pump yo breaks fo' I jump that gate
So you should just pass the paper
That other shit we a tackle later

Only how you know you getting real money
When you pulling out a calculator just to add it up
Got him mad as fuck bitch don’t act drunk
Mama raise no punk

Give a pair cause I'm finna get payback
You see me cover yo face like a Arab
Cause I'm at your head brain cells finna spread
And my fist won't stop 'till this bitch turn red

These niggas so bitter they Debo on Twitter
Might lay a nigga down like he just ate dinner
One by one they keep dropping
Dont need no chair to get it rocking

Knock knock who's there? Better use a peephole as a option
Only if you wanna be safe, so many guns I'm a disgrace
Keep it brief if the money ain't the case
But if it is throw it in a briefcase

Try angels if you trying to keep them squares out your circles thats three shapes
Situation need to be addressed
Then I'm a show up to yo address
I play a heavy part in these streets, but no I'm not a actress

Just hush get that ass rushed if you say too much
Now you getting touched, I carry bodies out like a clutch
But not going to no fucking brunch
Murder scene look so disgust, but I did it like its a must
Turned the body to a pile of dust because I let it burn like Ush

I get so much hate cause I got a lot on my plate
You can tell by my weight, I went from shelters to flying delta
Now I'm on a stage in another state
I'm 100 that I'm past ready I'm sauced up no spaghetti
You hang in a clique that's dumb ass shit that's Ed, Edd, n Eddy

Y'all washed bro, just stop bro
Motherfuckers doubted me and now they shocked bro
Cause I kept giving them the unexpected
Like mother nature in Chicago

Stop trying to treat me like the outcast
When yall be watching me more than Comcast
Y'all old ass hell and broke ass hell
In the basement living with cho' Mom ass

I get slut shamed for the sex songs
But yo nigga up my ass like wet thongs
I line the chopper up then mess yo lining up
Now everywhere you go you need a hat on

They like "Oh my God, she should be ashamed"
But I'm on every bitch account like a username
Now y'all can get back to doing nothing
And I'm sorry for the interruption